Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Power of Fresh Eggs 新鮮な卵の力

I love having fresh eggs every day! Our chickens give us 4-6 eggs a day, and we share the eggs between my cousin's family and our family. Not only are they absolutely delicious, I have found they are great bartering and bargaining tools.
For example, I ran out of brown sugar right in the middle of a recipe. I know my friend down the road always has brown sugar, so I send #2 son to ask for two cups of sugar. But one cannot go empty handed--what would make an appropriate trade? Two eggs, of course!

#1 son now lives in Seattle and we don't get to see him as often as I'd like. With school and work, I understand he's busy, but I still want him to come visit. How to bribe encourage him to come visit his mom? A dozen eggs (and some gas money) works wonders!
Our next door neighbor is a bit OCD about mowing his lawn. So much so, that he just keeps mowing over to our front lawn. I don't think we've mowed our front lawn in the five years he's been our neighbor. How to repay his kindness? We weed his front flower beds and give him fresh eggs.

Fresh eggs have "paid" for tools, epoxy glue for a shed (we ran out just before the shed was done), house sitting, halibut, and has helped make friends and repay the kindness of others. I love repaying others with something that is genuinely appreciated!  This alone makes taking care of those ridiculously silly chickens so worth it.

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